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Ludmila Tukan to Represent Moldova Gagauzia in Turkvision 2013

Ludmila Tukan to Represent Moldova Gagauzia in Turkvision 2013
November 12, 2013
Who will represent Moldova Gagauzia in the 1st Turkvision song contest in 2013. Which singer or music band will compete for Moldova Gagauzia has been announced.

Ludmila Tukan, a lady singer, is going to represent Moldovan Gagauzia in the 1st Turkvision Song Contest which will be held in Eskişehir, Turkey.

In the election event, Vaseley Giorgenovic Ivancuk, the minister of Tourism, provided some information about Turkvision Song Contest. He also notified that the jury who will select the representative of Gagauzia consists of musicians.

Vusale Hikmet, one member of the jury, told that this project have an important responsibility and, emphasized that the most talented and most successfull contestant would be selected.

At the end of the event, Ludmila Tukan was selected as the contestant of Moldova Gagauzia in Turkvision 2013. After the result is announced, Ludmila Tukan shared her emotions telling: "I am very happy. This is a gift from the God, the Gagauiza people. I hope we succeed."
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